27th Dec Ride

Can this be a good idea - I'm going out for a post Boxing Day day ride with a stinking cold. It's kill or cure and the way I'm feeling I don't much mind which but I can't just keep sitting around the house moping and feeling guilty at the lack of exercise and the vast food intake (well they do say feed a cold). So, I am now going to leave you and climb into lycra - these may be my last words.

Happily for me; less so for you, they turn out not, as you can see, to be my final words. I have peddled along behind my pal Alastair for twenty odd miles and though I made heavy weather of it I'm pleased to have done it. Of course it served to highlight just how far I have to go to get back to a reasonable level of fitness but it is a start. It IS a start.


Another Year

With 2014 breathing its last wheezing gasp and my fast bloating and aged body stuffed full of every type of foodstuff and drinkstuff imaginable ( I just caught a glimpse of my planet eclipsing midriff in the mirror as I returned from yet another foray to the Boxing day kitchen table) it is time to take stock, to get a grip, to take myself (if you'll forgive the phrase) in hand, and there's plenty there to grasp! Like untrodden snow (I use the simile because of tonight's weather forecast), the pristine year lays ahead of us, and it mocks us; that is to say, it mocks me.

I know the way of it you see. I will start in cold, wet and downright hellish January with the fitness level of an asthmatic MacDonalds loyalty card holder. I will labour along at the back of a peloton of two, liberally sprayed with slush and slurry, snot running down into my shoes and semi-detached blisters forming on my arse. I will lay in the bath afterwards trying to massage some feeling back into my blue and white 'Willow Pattern' toes and then immediately regret the return of sensation as it quickly turns to bleating agony. My BMI will slowly reduce to a level comparable with Peter Kay and, encouraged, I will battle on, upping the speed and mileage and as a consequence the depth of shite-crust.
By the early Spring I'll be foolish enough to get talked into the season's first sportive and by early Summer I'll almost be fit enough to ride one. Three days later, Summer will draw to a close and the long plummet to the condition in which I find myself now will begin again. There will of course, be a day when I stand atop a cat' 4 climb and I'm not sucking oxygen in through my backside but that's what it will be - a day.
On the up-side, there will be new kit to buy - shiny precious things and there will be the new Tour De Yorkshire to watch in May - the traditionally pissy-down Firkin month! So, in the end -another exciting year of cycling to look forward to - Bring it on!


Firkin Challenge 2014

From what I gather, 2014 will be the final year of the Firkin Challenge (at least as we know it). Though the weather was fine at the start, it wasn't long before things reverted to type and it began to heave down; this continued until we crossed the finish line and then the sun came out!

Start of 2014 (and final)
 Firkin Challenge