The Glittering Prizes

I entered a competition on twitter where you had to send in a photo of yourself in London 100 kit. I had one on my desktop, sent it in and I've won a water bottle signed by the World & Olympic cycling champion, Laura Trott; but what on earth do I do with it? If I so much as breathe near it the signature comes off so I can't use it, and yet a signed, plastic water bottle on a shelf?

6 Days To London

Six days to the Prudential London - Surrey 100 and there are all kinds of conflicting weather reports for the day. As I type, the sky is bruised and thunder is rolling round the countryside looking for somewhere to relieve itself, so I'm hoping for an improvement. Every time I do a big ride the weather turns belligerent and it would make a nice change to gather a suntan.

Firkin Challenge 2013

TDF 2014

I painted the window of one of Ripon's boarded up shops and it garnered the attention of the press and our Tory MP, Julian Smith:
Claire, Neil, Rob, Julian Smith MP, Stuart, Al, Self


London 100

Preparing to set out on a training ride for the London, Surrey 100 with Alastair Little. 2 weeks to go.