Cycling Artist

Whilst working on the 'River Ure Project' my record of the river in words and pictures (see my blog here) I have travelled many hundreds of miles, but it has always irked me that far from 'green' miles, these have been diesel guzzling (the car, not me), environment polluting, motoring miles; so times they are a changin': I have converted my trusty old Marin - the old friend that carried me from Darlington to Vienna for autism - to a travelling studio. I will be a cross between Sir Bradley Wiggins and Lucian Freud: I'll be the Pedalling Painter.
Closer to nature, it is the small things that garner your attention on a bike; things that you would miss in a car, so I'm looking forward to seeing if my painting practise changes, and given the weight of all my kit, I'm looking forward to an improvement in my 'knots in cotton' legs too. The 'close to nature' thing does have its downside though: ever since I converted the bike it's been blowing a hoolie or hammering down or both, so I've yet to get out. More to follow!